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Meet the Pharmacist:

Cough, cold, and flu season is upon us! Are you prepared? Please consult with your physician about receiving the flu and pneumonia vaccine as soon as possible. Though these vaccines are not for everyone, and they do not prevent you from contracting the viruses, they may add in lessening the severity of them. Those of you that are immuno-compromised, or living with someone who is, should definitely consult with your doctor. To prevent from contracting these viruses, please make sure you wash your hands routinely with warm water and soap. If soap is not always readily available, use hand sanitizer. Remember, though, hand sanitizer does contain alcohol. Be careful to limit access to your children. Also remember your manners, if sneezing or coughing develops, cover mouth and nose to limit the spread of these germs. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid all exposure to these sometimes nasty viruses. If you become symptomatic you should consult with your pharmacist before taking over the counter medicines. If you have high blood pressure or a heart condition of any type, do not take medicines that contain decongestants for they will raise your blood pressure. Coricidin HBP is recommended for these clients. Be careful, self-medicating for many of these medications over the counter contains acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can interact with many prescription medications and when taken in excess can cause liver failure toxicity and even death. It is important to ask your pharmacist or doctor what they recommend for you personally. Everyone is different and each person deserves to be treated with kid gloves when they are sick. To aid in your immune response, one can also start taking more vitamin C and zinc. Follow these products' directions on the packaging. If your lips become chapped, use a lip balm and increase your vitamin C to aid in healing. Make sure you ask us for help at the pharmacy, we can individualize your care and help you through the season.

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